Posted On: Jul 08,2018 Updated On: Dec 03,2018

Define approval level for each model. In Bizex there are 7 kinds of model, ie Vouchers, Expense, Quotation, Receipt, Invoice, Leave and Quick Response. Approvals can be set to grant a permission for a model request raised by a user. Approvals are processed from lower level Role to higher level Role. The models are pre-defined.

To add Approvals

  1. Go to Admin settings

  2. Select Approval from Menu List
  3. Click on add Approval

  4. Select any model from the list, to set Approval
  5. Enter no.of  Approvers (Approvals go from lower level Role to higher level Role)
  6. Set Roles for each Approval Level
  7. Click Submit
Pre-requirement for adding Employee