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Posted On: Jul 28,2018 Updated On: Jan 23,2020


A Department refers to a particular functional area in an organisation. You can create any number of Departments based on your organisation structure.

To create a new Department, follow these steps

1. Go to HR module

2. Select Department from Employee Menu List

3. Click on ADD NEW + Button

4. Enter a Department name and description

5. Click Submit



Define Designations to offer roles and responsibilities in the organisation. You can assign a designation to a user or multiple users.

To create a new Designation, follow these steps 

1. Go to HR module

2. Select Designation from Employee Menu List

3. Click on ADD NEW + Button  

4. Enter a Designation name 

5. Click Submit



You can set access permission to Bizex application using Roles. Based on employee structure in the Company, Roles are defined. A user with higher authority will have more access privileges than other users. Based on Designations, Role for a user is mapped. By default, the Director, User, Admin and Engineer Roles are enabled for your Bizex account.

For Setting Up Roles, Click here

Adding an Employee