Posted On: Jun 29,2018 Updated On: Sep 14,2019

If you are new to Bizex, choose Start Free Trail to create a new account. Creating a profile helps you to access Bizex application.

Just follow these simple steps...

1. Enter your details in form.

2. Give your First Name and Last Name.

3. Mention a valid Email id and Password.

4. Enter an existing mobile number, an OTP is sent to this number.

5. Mention the Company and subdomain name.
            •    You can access your account only through subdomain.
                  Here 'rubykraft' is the subdomain name.
            •    A subdomain name should be in lower case letters.
            •    A subdomain name should contain at least 3 letters.
            •    You can give any name for subdomain. If the name already exists, you will be notified as subdomain name already exists.

6. Choose a Business Subtype from given List.
             •   Based on your business you can choose Business subtypes. 
                  Example: If you are running an Account related business then choose Accounting from business subtypes.
             •   Based on business subtypes, modules are enabled.
             •   For some business subtypes, some modules are enabled by default.

7. Click Get started, you will receive an OTP.
8. Enter OTP to complete SignUp process.

Once you finish SignUp process, your profile is created successfully. Your LogIn details will be sent to your registered Email id.

Initial Setup