Posted On: Jun 29,2018 Updated On: Nov 28,2018

You can set access permission to Bizex application using Roles. Based on employee structure in the company, roles are defined. A user with higher authority will have more access privileges than other users. Based on designations, Role for a user is mapped. By default, the Director, User, Admin and Engineer Roles are enabled for you in your Bizex account.


Create a new Role

  1. Go to settings on Dashboard

  2. Select Roles from Menu List
  3. Click on + icon
  4. Enter a new Role name

  5. Choose a Designation from given List to set as Immediate Superior Role
  6. Clicking check box enables Settings panel on Dashboard
  7. Set Access Permissions for each module (Click on check box to set)
  8. Click Submit

Note: By default, the Director of the company will have all Access rights for Bizex Application.